We are a startup built on a credo.

  • We will not ever be short on competences concerning design. We are multidisciplinary and are able to handle collaborative settings with care.
  • We also adapt to your design needs, we will find and understand sticking points in your situation.
  • You will be kept well informed about our design process and therefore have more control in the decisions that matter.
  • What makes us different from other startups is our interest in finding insights which eventually build into long-term relationships.
We are mostly located in Malmö, Sweden and we are usually available weekdays from 10:00—17:00.
We help make designs and concepts that bring solutions.

Projects and events you will find us doing

The last thing we were part of unofficially was hosting the Global Game Jam 2015 at Malmö Högskola, under the banner of Malmö Jams Too, an effort to have more locally-based game jams in Malmö. You could read about how that went in full on the MJT website. On top of hosting this event, we also participated in the GGJ which we incidentally did the previous year also.

Another thing we are part of is Creative Carnivale’s Sketch Jam which happens every Tuesday at Malmö Central Station’s Starbucks from 16:00—20:00. It is an event created to help inspire sketching and social knowledge sharing as an activity and allow people to connect and unwind. It has been a consistent event since May of 2012, and continues to be a source of good connections and the inclusion of all types of creative people. You may find more information on the Facebook page, where most of the announcements are made. As sketch jam is a regular occurrence, we are also sometimes asked to do the Starbucks signage on the outside board facing the bus stops to the station.

(We shall edit in some photos and images once we get them sorted through.)